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ALDEN- A disease resistant variety in polytunnel
Sunnybank Vineyard
Cwm Barn
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Variety-King of the North
The vineyard boasts over 400 different vines from all over the world, and Sunnybank can give advice on suitable varieties for all British locations.Set up by Brian Edwards, it is now owned and operated by Sarah Bell
  • Sunnybank is a specialist vine nursery with over 450 varieties
  • Half the vineyard is given over to a non-spray system of viticulture, while several varities are grown in polytunnels
  • Opening at the vineyard is limited to 1 or 2 days a year- usually the first week in September. Full details on the web site
  • Nearby attractions include Grosmont and Longtown Castles and many walks in the Herefordshire countryside

  • View across the vineyard
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